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It's over a week ago I had just managed to clear up one room of the house. With Allie frantically collecting all the other stuff from all the volunteers and supporters that without them the talks, the games and everwake really could not have been made possible. Firstly a quick comment. If someone comes up to you and says they are really interested in setting up a two day festival with talks and games. I would advise you to run. Run away as far as you can. I would also say perhaps de-friend them from facebook :-)

Seriously though this is by far the hardest thing I have done so far. In the short time of producing projects through thinkARK the games really wouldn't have been possible without Allie being in between contracts. In fact in similar way to our very first big project the empty shop project I dont think it would be possible to have produced the two days without at least one person being in between jobs or taking a long sabbatical.

So while in another blog I am going to discuss the talks and the games. In this one I wanted to explore the idea of how projects in the future within thinkARK can be produced. We have always been a volunteer group. We have done paid work as a group but that was really to allow us to fund our volunteer projects. We have also been lucky enough to get some funding on this project from UnLtd, ECCE and also Media Antenna. But none of this would have been enough to pay someone a wage to produce the project. And while none of us want money to do the project. I question whether it is actually possible to do these projects while doing a full time job.

So what are the options? How can we make projects in the future that dont leave people taking holidays to make a project happen?

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