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There once was a group of friends who met every week. During these meetings there were lots of ideas and ventures that were explored. One day out of the blue a few of the friends set up a skype account to spread the word about how great a bedtime story can be. Ever since the group has broadcast to anyone who is awake, tales of adventurers, philosophical mastery right through to how a bird tweets. SO if you find yourself online at around 10:00pm GMT on a sunday evening, and are feeling like you would like a bedtime story to send you off to the land of nodd, tune in through your skype account. Search for 'a_bedtime_story' and you will be let into a world of magic and storytelling at it's best. Hope to hear you all there this weekend, and every weekend.PLACE: Skype, search for 'a_bedtime_story' DAY: Every SundayTIME: 10:00pm GMT

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Well i am determined to make it to wednesdays ARK meeting tonight in the CAI, although i am going to head in early and leave early just to make sure i don't get stuck in town. So if anyone wants to join me before the usual 7pm meet up i will there from 5pm probably with a lovely hot chocolate in my hands to warm me up!

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For everyone interested in ARK's project 5 – which will be involved in all of the other projects during the next few months – a Wiki has been setup for the beginning of the online Word Hospital.
ARK - Wiki can be found here

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Following ARK's launch at the ATRiuM, Cardiff. We have now come up with the first few projects that we will be working on in the coming months.

Project 1 - Lost & Found

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It's now been nearly two months and we have setup a small but promising little club. Initially we had started with no name and 'Wednesday Club' was coined by Lyns. We have now finally come up with something which we think fits 'ARK'. We are all very happy with it, and look forward to posting more of our thoughts. As you may have guessed we meet on Wednesday's in Cardiff.

Wednesday Club

Why not come along to our meeting on Wednesday evenings and see how you can get involved! Click here to view our calendar.

Papergirl 2012

Papergirl Cardiff is back...

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