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Hello project people,
So, a little later than intended but entirely as promised, I've just inputted (roughly) the projects we listed for 2012 in our Google calendar. It looks very intimidating...! You'd think that none of had any other work to do!

During our meeting at Chapter (11/1/12) we worked out the following schedule for the year:

Jan -
Feb -
Mar - Inspiring Women
Apr -
May - Papergirl
Jun - Papergirl, Hack the City Dublin Trip
Jly - Play ARK, Jorge's Photography project
Aug - Tom Bett's Video Recycling project
Sep -
Oct - Sugru Hack, Made in Roath
Nov - Everwake
Dec -

Have I missed anything? Do i need to change anything? Do you have a project idea of your own that you'd like us to look at helping with? Let me/us know!

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Hi All
I'm up to my neck (along with 70 other participants) in a project to co-produce a resource for co-production projects. Would Think Ark like to get involved? More info at or email me direct at

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We have a great christmas game in store for people. If you are interested you can find out more and buy tickets at
Jokul Frosti

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It feels like Papergirl Cardiff only happened about a month ago and here we are already setting the wheels in motion for Papergirl Cardiff 2012...
The June event went fantastically well and everyone was really pleased with how people enjoyed taking part in the event, as well as the reactions of the people who received free artwork.
Working with Cycle Training Wales for the first time was brilliant, and with The Printhaus, who are an incredibly accommodating and helpful bunch, and overall it was great to be working and hanging out with a team of such nice people. we go again. This time, following the enthusiastic reactions in June, we are hoping to make Papergirl Cardiff even better. To do that we are going to need more help, more thoughts and more ideas. And we are going to need you.

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Along with the talks and also the games day we also created a game for people to play in the evening. Have a look at the images above for a glimpse of what the game was like.

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A quick slideshow of some of the games that we put on during this years playARK festival. We are now looking to see if we can put it on a again next year so fingers crossed.

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It's over a week ago I had just managed to clear up one room of the house. With Allie frantically collecting all the other stuff from all the volunteers and supporters that without them the talks, the games and everwake really could not have been made possible. Firstly a quick comment. If someone comes up to you and says they are really interested in setting up a two day festival with talks and games. I would advise you to run. Run away as far as you can. I would also say perhaps de-friend them from facebook :-)

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