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An exciting game of storytelling and creativity. Grab a set of lettered tiles and head out into the city. Twist shop signs, roadsigns and headlines to your will. When you return bring back your story and relive it with the rest of the players.

Game designers
Kevan Davis

Game Type
Suitable for everyone

Do I need to bring anything?
You will need something to take a digital picture (i.e. a mobile phone or digital camera)

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The year is 1733. Roguish villain Chick Turpin, notorious for deer thievery and highway robbery, has captured the Queen’s prize Stag. A hefty reward is offered for it’s safe return. Can you out-run Chick Turpin, rescue the stag, and recover hoards of stolen booty along the way?

This thrilling treasure hunt, tag team, relay race chase, casts players as 18th century villagers with good noses for hunting and an ability to run (almost) like the wind. But will village heroes become villainous crooks? The choice is yours, share the booty with your team, or head for the grand reward alone…

Game designers:
Team Beak

Game Type:
Suitable for everyone.
Requires mobility.

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Pick me up, pass me around and one lucky person will get the prize.

The parcel has instructions that must be followed. Where will they lead you? Who will you meet along the way? And the question on everyone's lips.......who will win the surprise?

A re-work of Surpass the Parcel. Your chance to socialise and unwrap some new prizes.

Game designers
Original idea by Kevan Davis and Holly Gramazio but tweaked by thinkARK for playARK

Game Type
Suitable for everyone

Do I need to bring anything?
Just bring yourself

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Hello game lovers!

We had so much fun last year running our games festival that we have reached for our fun calendar and set a date for 2012. We can now announce that we will be running the playARK Alternative Olympic games on.........(epic drumroll).........Saturday 7th July.

The festival will be packed with our usual exciting menu of pervasive games, digital games and board games featuring some oldies and some crazy new games including Space Hopper Sports.

We are looking for game designers and creators to submit their games to be part of this year's festival. We are looking for all kinds of games from street games to board games - let your imagination run free. Deadline for submissions is Friday 8th June.

Check out the highlights from last years festival:

PlayARK Game Festival, Games, October 2011 from Jorge Lizalde on Vimeo.

If you want to submit a game or want to find out more information about this year's festival please contact (me) Allie at

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If you want to know what we're up to have a little sneaky peek at our calendar of events (the little square thingy on the right hand side of the page....scroll down and you'll find it)

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I have always loved games ever since I was little and I think to some degree we all do. There is something that draws us to 'play' that is mysteriously undefinable - the thrill and excitement of being part of something that has it's own set of rules and boundaries, a shared knowledge and experience that draws players together coupled with the joyful element of risk.

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