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Phone Box Frenzy
There’s been a mobile-murder in Cardiff; it’s up to you to discover which phone box is responsible and bring them to justice. A relay game in which the players play the role of detectives on the hunt for a murderer. Each phonebox they encounter has a distinct character and role in an unfolding murder mystery story.
Designer - Stephen Donnelly, Shell Shock Theatre
Game Guide - ARK Lark

Gate Crash
Players follow a series of SMS and 'real world' physical clues to locate the event. It will be revealed that the exclusive nature of the party means players will need to adhere to a dress code, bring an appropriate gift etc in order to be let in. These challenges will be met on the journey and items/costumes made/acquired before arriving at the party.
Designer - Larkin About
Game Guide - ARK Lark

"Eavesdropper is a game of nonchalant spying and casual clandestine action. Are you the best eavesdropper in town? Use high tech spy gear to listen in on secret conversations. Trade information, piece together the plot and be the first to deliver the correct message without being caught. Careful though, there’s some tricksy characters out there who might not tell you the whole truth"
Designer - Victoria Tillotson and Anna Searle
Game Guide - Use Your Noggin

Circle Rules Football
Unlike any ball game you will ever play in your life! Circle Rules Football is a crazy mix between football, basketball and volleyball and the best bit about it is you play with a giant yoga ball.
Designer -
Game Guide - Run Rabbit Run

Human Bingo
Bingo but like never before. A fast paced game of photo tag where the you become the bingo numbers. Collect all your numbers and be the first to shout HOUSE.
Designer - thinkARK
Game Guide - ARK Lark

Search & Replace
Create a unique story by searching for words that can be made into new ones using scrabble tiles. Search Canton for roadsigns and headlines and twist them to your will.
Designer - Kevan Davis
Game Guide - Use your noggin, Fun For All

"A mixture of short physical games packed into 45mins of fun and frolics"
Game Guide - ARK Lark, Fun For All

Cake Hunting
A mysterious hunt has begun, can you use your little grey cells to follow the clues and claim the ultimate scrumptious prize?
Designer - Holly Gramazio
Game Guide - Use your noggin, Fun For All

Surpass The Parcel
Pass the parcel with a difference! You make the rules - decide who has the parcel next and one lucky person will get to unwrap the prize.
Designer - Kevan Davis & Holly Gramazio
Game Guide - Fun For All

Retro Game Romp
A tournament that will take you back in time to the wonderful world of battery operated games. Take part if you dare and find out who will be crowned the master of the handheld!
Game Guide - Fun For All

Open Playtest
Play new digital games and demos created in Wales by upcoming graduate developers. Innovative, challenging and award winning productions that inspire, excite and provoke.

Play, chat to the developers and give valuable feedback.

If you have any games that you have developed yourselves, come along with a laptop.

In collaboration with University of Wales Newport.
Game Guide - Fun For All

Board Game Bonanza
Brought to you by the lovely people from Rules of Play, whatever your age and ability, there’ll be a board game for you. There will be friendly volunteers on hand to explain rules and make sure everyone is looked after!
Game Guide - Fun For All

Wednesday Club

Why not come along to our meeting on Wednesday evenings and see how you can get involved! Click here to view our calendar.

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