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The sunday just gone we put on a bit of an event. Firstly to raise a bit of money for some of our future projects and secondly to celebrate at thinkARK's christmas party. The game was Jokul Frosti and with people having to go around Canton tagging christmas trees and along the way they could also meet some christmas characters. There was also the evil Jack Frost who was out to stop the groups. After the game there was a band and some drinks for people. I think generally it was pretty well received. We had a good turn out and a reasonable group stayed for the music.

I think the thing we did learn is that people do go to these events for very different things. So some people came just for the game. As soon as the game had finished and the results had been read out they went, others came for the party and stayed a bit longer to chat and get to know some new people. We have been doing events/projects now since 2009 and we are still very much learning but hopefully they can only get better.

You can see above some of the photo's of the night from people tweeting the images. As this is our first game with twitter as the basis for scoring we had a few issues with the technology, at first we thought that we had got the scoring wrong as people said they had been to more locations than we had them down for. After looking through the tweets it does look like some groups had been to a few more locations than we had marked down. The main reason these didnt show up is because we were searching for the images and so scoring through the hastag #jokulfrosti It's unfortunate but a few people did bet the hastag wrong so we didn't pick up their images.

Let us know which image you think is funniest.

Hope you all enjoyed it and have a great christmas period.

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