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Just a quick update on how the project is going, the timetable is filling up nicely but we do still have a few spots to fill. The tricky bit is how to make maximum use of the space- as the shop is divided into a larger and a smaller space it should be possible to have 2 different things happening at the same time as long as one doesn't interfere with the other.We are looking for people to get involved with the decor/design/lighting of the shop, so please contact us if this is something you would be interested in. We are currently working on getting a UK charity involved with lighting and furniture so fingers crossed about that.On Sunday we will be having a short film cinema, showing films made by local filmmakers, so if you have something you would like to submit then please let us know.We'll be in Cardiff Arts institute at 7pm this evening so please drop in!

Wednesday Club

Why not come along to our meeting on Wednesday evenings and see how you can get involved! Click here to view our calendar.

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