LjubljanaLocal Transport Projects Ltd and Cardiff design collective ARK LAB have been asked by Cardiff Council to help with some work to improve the cycling network and facilities in Cardiff. Our first point of call began with a working group of people in Cardiff, who have a keen interest in cycling, these included council members, cycling organisations, cycle training providers and other stakeholders such as Sustrans, CTC, Peddle Power, the Bike Shed and the Cardiff Cycling Campaign group. We listened to these people as a representative group of "experienced" and "long-standing" cyclist in the area. We have kept all of their feedback ready for analysis at a later date and have now moved on to our next phase of research.This phase is designed to generate the ideas and the opinions of the new to cycling, the lapsed cyclist and the currently non-cyclists of Cardiff. In order to generate as much response as we can we have started by encouraging people of all cycling ability, from non-cyclists to 40-year served cyclist, to take part in a survey giving their views on cycling in the city. There will be plenty of other fantastic community engagement and feedback opportunities designed by ARK LAB who will be looking to find out why certain groups are not cycling in Cardiff and if there are things that can be done to encourage these groups to start. This maybe physical changes to road systems or different types of training requirements for people who have a lack of confidence etc. As well as this they will then be looking to consult with these groups to ask their opinion of the draft proposal that Local Transport Projects Ltd will produce in around a month's time. The survey itself is only one aspect of the consultation and we are hoping that people will feedback in other ways, like this article for example. If you have any further questions please contact Jo Sachs-Eldridge Cycling Officer for Cardiff Council who will be happy to help. JSachsEldridge[at] alternatively you can contact us on info[at]

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