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It is estimated the visit of around 70.000 persons during the olympic games, not counting para-olympic games, teams that will use wales sport premises to train prior the games and tourism.

Most of them will engage with welsh culture and history of the country, visiting landmarks and recording their experiences with multiple devices, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc...

My proposal is create a blog or community that facilitate this engagement with welsh history and culture but also will work as showcase to share their own experiences, and why not? Have fun.

The blog will be divided on different sections, for instance:

- Their journey
- History
- Food
- Football Games
- Night outs

How will it work?

Example 1 Their journey:

In this section will be published all the pictures that illustrate the fans journey to Cardiff.

Example 2 History:

- Cardiff castle:

On this blog section will be a short historical description of the Cardiff Castle and all the pictures from the fans football teams made in the castle will be welcome, example: mexicans fans on the Cardiff Castle Tower.

Well, hope it is more clear now my proposal. Any questions, please do. But, I may not have the answer. 0_-

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