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From an early age, play and games are hugely important to our development as people; it is the fundamental mechanism that allows us to learn and understand complex issues and social interactions. Games can bring people together and open new and unique channels of interaction. So why do we stop ‘playing’ in our adult years? Could games be the key to our future development; produce closer connections with our communities, create a more engaging education system and provide a new direction for business?

In playARK’s first ever talks we will be opening up with a series of speakers from across the UK that includes world renowned game designers, producers, commissioners and creators to discuss games in all their facets. From gaming being used within education as creative learning tools, to gaming informing strategy and development within business, through to games being used for social good. We will also look at how story and the developing tastes of people is influencing new ways of developing creativity and improving services in different sectors. Whether you have an interest in gaming or want to look at your business differently or investigate a possible new way of structuring education or even understand how games can pave the way towards social change then come and join us and find out what the possibilities are.

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