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There once was a group of friends who met every week. During these meetings there were lots of ideas and ventures that were explored. One day out of the blue a few of the friends set up a skype account to spread the word about how great a bedtime story can be. Ever since the group has broadcast to anyone who is awake, tales of adventurers, philosophical mastery right through to how a bird tweets. SO if you find yourself online at around 10:00pm GMT on a sunday evening, and are feeling like you would like a bedtime story to send you off to the land of nodd, tune in through your skype account. Search for 'a_bedtime_story' and you will be let into a world of magic and storytelling at it's best. Hope to hear you all there this weekend, and every weekend.PLACE: Skype, search for 'a_bedtime_story' DAY: Every SundayTIME: 10:00pm GMT

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