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So This year has been great in terms of projects for thinkARK but I feel that it has lost some consistency with regards to the wednesday club. The main reason this year has been the lack of a space. Cardiff Arts Institute changed to Bacchus and with it the people changed and so did the conditions of using their space. It's a shame that a company as large as Brains have places and spaces and no awareness or even desire to help out volunteer groups. We would have had to rent the space out every week for £50, which seems a bit steep.

Anyway with this in mind we have moved to 33 Windsor Place. It's still early days but it seems more suitable. The music isn't too loud and they also have a space upstairs. With this in mind I am wondering if we can start to break up the thinkARK wednesday clubs through a monthly show and tell.

So The idea I am thinking about is to keep the week socials but then the last wednesday of every month have a show and tell event about something in particular. I was hoping to see what people think about the idea?


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Love the idea - we could do with some more structure. This past year's felt a bit... diluted compared to the previous; mainly from not having our own space to meet in any more.

Just came across this again - and I was wondering if we could do something like that once in a while - I mean the "bring a story to share" thing around a theme.

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