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Last Thursday we had an initial meeting about running Trade School Cardiff. Trade School Cardiff will be running from May 12th-20th, which coincides with Adult Learners Week.

What is Trade School?
Trade School is an informal learning event at which those wishing to learn barter for the knowledge of those willing to teach.

Why Trade School?
Trade School puts a value on all type of knowledge, skills and experience. It promotes the belief that everyone has something valuable they can share with other people, and encourages learning and the exchange of ideas in an environment of mutual self respect.

How does Trade school work?
Anyone who wishes to share a skill or knowledge with a group of people registers to run a class in exchange for goods. Those wishing to learn bring along the goods required by the 'teacher'. Trade School Cardiff will have a special page on the Trade School website on which people can register classes or sign up for classes. Any type of skill, knowledge or experience can be shared as long as it is not about exploiting other people or the promotion of a business.

Who can get involved?
Everyone from any background, community or age group can get involved as long as they are prepared to respect everyone else taking part.

What kind of knowledge can you share at Trade School?
Anything from practical skills to deep philosophical ideas to hard-earned experience. Past classes have included how to make butter, speech and debate and how to stop procrastinating (see for some of the previous New York classes)

How to get involved.
As well as looking for people to share their skills and knowledge and people to take part, we need people who can act as 'caretakers' for classes, making sure the space is set up and accessible. We also need people who can document classes by taking photos or video. We are also looking for 'teaching mentors' who can help people who want to share their skills but might be a bit nervous about it. Anyone who can help find venues and generally help with admin and running would be great to!

If you would like to get involved with Trade School Cardiff or would like to ask a question please get in touch.

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