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A really interesting thing that has been taking place recently in a number of things I have been to is side effects. This in someways is doing the work a diservice. But I think there is something in it. The concept of designing services and systems that have two elements. ELEMENT ONE To extend the brand experience and also make money. ELEMENT TWO The activity/service also has to have a benefit more broadly. so for example the service may help with the users health or the service may also help a wider community. This was also brought to light in an event I attended run by Design Wales. I worte about it here but I also thought about it since and how the ageing population and how services could be adapted to this population change. One of the discussions was the idea of something like Film4 who post you film every week for you to watch. The example was used as it is 'sold' to be for a certain target market. Yet if you think about it, it is perfect for the older generation who are less mobile. So also a side effect of the service if you like.

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